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About The Market

The Market is your full service, MODERN grocery store that’s local…just like you always wanted.

About The Market Grocery

I’ve always had ideas. Lots of ideas. Some good, some not so good, and some just plain cuckoo bananas. Just ask DJ–he is my “go-to” guy who listens patiently to my ideas, nodding his head but secretly wondering, “Oh, now what?”

The idea for The Market was different, though. This one stuck with me. Maybe because it was born out of my own needs and wants. Maybe because I had been working in “big food” for so long in my corporate career that I want to remember what real food actually is. Or maybe it’s because we moved to a small Nebraska town where the people inspire me and embody the word community every…single…day.

An unshakeable idea…so what is The Market? It’s a full service grocery store, but we offer a MODERN GROCERY EXPERIENCE.

dj from the market packages fresh cut meat in louisville
Grocery items and fresh cut meat at a place close to home
lindy from the market grocery in louisville with fresh produce
Real food from real people who greet you with genuine smiles
a customer choosing fresh flowers at the market grocery
Experience of shopping at your favorite boutique
lindy schmidt holding the original design of the rotisserie chicken kiosk
Award-winning designs with small town charm
display of the produce section at the louisville ne The Market Grocery
Ambiance of a Farmer’s Market with fresh food and local items
dj from the market packages fresh cut meat in louisville
Delicious rotisserie chicken available for meals, events, and more

The Market

Fresh. Local. Community.

We cannot wait to serve our community and look forward to seeing you soon!

With kindness and joy,

DJ, Lindy, Rylan, and Harper Schmidt