Ten years ago, Nick and Melissa Schmitt landed in Louisville and immersed themselves into the community that “feels like family” and the rest is history.

Nick, originally from Newman Grove, went to Dana College and studied business. Mel is from Ralston and earned a degree in Horticulture from the College of St. Mary’s. On a random weekend evening, their individual worlds united when they were introduced through mutual friends at the Prestige Lounge, once an Omaha nightlife hotspot. While the Prestige is no longer around, the same can’t be said for Mel and Nick. They will celebrate ten years of marriage which coincides with their move to their forever city, Louisville.

They moved to Louisville from Elkhorn and didn’t hesitate to jump right into the community. Mel sweetly shares that “Louisville is its own little family where everyone looks out for everyone.” She feels safe teaching there. You may wonder how a degree in Horticulture led to teaching, but Mel had a calling to work with and impact the lives of our community’s youth. As an adult learner, she went back to school and received her teaching degree. She taught for OPS before hanging her hat in a 4th grade Louisville classroom.

Louisville is its own little family where everyone looks out for everyone. ~ Mel Schmitt

Launches Pest Control Company

Nick Schmitt – Husband, business owner, wrestling coach, & dad.

With his degree in business, Nick lived the corporate suit and tie life for over 18 years and was feeling burnt out and uninspired by the office grind. He then had a buddy approach him about helping him get a pest control business off the ground, and while pest control wasn’t at the top of Nick’s mind when he contemplated his next career move, he knew a move was necessary. It was then that his journey in all-things bugs began. After three years of learning the bug biz, he was ready to take the leap and started his own company, and he recently celebrated his 4th business anniversary as the proud owner of Premier Pest Control. Nick is grateful for the opportunity to operate a small business in Louisville and his company services the surrounding areas, including Iowa, Omaha, and Lincoln.

When asked what he loves the most about running his own business, Nick emphatically stated that flexibility is everything. Having the freedom to create his own schedule is imperative when you’re busy professionally and personally, but that became even more apparent when they had their twins. Having the ability to take time off to spend with their kids, especially when looking into a future full of games and activities, you just can’t put a corporate price tag on that.

Nick shared valuable advice for others who are looking to start their own business. “Have confidence in yourself and start slow and build your way up” he said. “Be honest with people and stand by your word. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Give yourself grace and have patience.” Nick’s determination in business may have been honed through his lifelong passion for wrestling, which includes his having earned a collegiate National Championship. What was once his favorite childhood, adolescent, and young adult activity, has led to him proudly wearing the title of Head Coach for the Louisville high school team for the last seven years.

Be honest with people and stand by your word. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. Give yourself grace and have patience. ~ Nick Schmitt

A Passion for Mentorship and Coaching Emerges

His passion for coaching and mentoring extends beyond the mat. Every summer the wrestling team hosts a fundraiser, led by head coach Nick, where they have a cleanup weekend. In exchange for the team’s services which include landscaping, yard cleanup, branch trimming, mulching, and mowing, the homeowners make a donation of their choosing and all of the money raised goes directly to the kids on the team who need financial assistance attending wrestling camps. This fundraiser affords the opportunity to sharpen techniques and abilities that they may not otherwise have without the monetary donations through this fundraiser.

Outside of wrangling young wrestlers and shaping their talent and skills on and off the mat, Nick serves on the Louisville volunteer fire department and received a five-year certification for distinguished and committed service and excellence. Nick isn’t the only go-getter and coach in this partnership.  Mel dove headfirst into becoming a coach of her own, and for the past ten years, she has been coaching the Louisville High School cheer team.  The last four of which, as Head Coach.

As if their full-time jobs as a 4th-grade educator and small business owner weren’t busy enough, Mel and Nick grew their family by two and welcomed their twins, son Lane and daughter Layla, two and half years ago. Needless to say, there’s never a dull moment (or a quiet one, at that) in the Schmitt household.

We love it here. Louisville is one big community. It’s one big family. ~ Mel Schmitt

After calling Louisville home for a decade, they have no doubts that this incredible community is the place they raise their babies and grow as parents, spouses, professionals, friends, and neighbors. When Mel was asked why they love Louisville, she endearingly said, “We love it here. It’s one big community. It’s one big family.”

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