Strengthening the Louisville Community

For Dan and Andrea Witte, growing successful businesses and providing quality care for their neighbors is the why behind their love and commitment to the Louisville community.

Dr. Dan Witte and his wife, Andrea, have been serving the needs of others for many years through the healthcare field and their common affection and affinity for the joys and happiness of small-town USA. They met in college in Fremont while working together at a care facility. After they both graduated, Dan pursued a career in Physical Therapy and Andrea became a cardiac nurse.

They married in 2006 and moved to Bennington where they started their family. After living in Bennington for just shy of a decade, they felt it was time to plant their forever roots in Dan’s beloved hometown of Louisville. After having worked as a Physical Therapist for many years in Omaha, Dan aspired to move back to Louisville with his family and open a clinic that could serve the community. With both having grown up in small communities, moving back to Louisville was an easy decision for them and a natural fit for their family.

Dan opened

Witte Physical Therapy

In 2015, Dan, and Andrea, along with their three children, moved to Louisville and opened the doors to their first business, Witte Physical Therapy, located at 1268 E Henry Street. Finding success while filling a tremendous need in the community, Dan expanded the business to include clinics in Plattsmouth as well as Hooper. They have since added a sister business, Witte 24-Hour Fitness, located in Louisville. As they did with the PT clinics, Dan and Andrea hope to expand that business into other service areas as well. Dan runs the business full-time, while Andrea works full-time in Lincoln as a Cardiac Arrhythmia Nurse. Those busy schedules may feel crazy and hectic at times, but the Witte’s are fully supportive of one another’s career goals and dreams and share their passion for serving.

Owning a business in Louisville provides them the opportunity to serve and share triumphs with their neighbors and their community. They cherish being involved in school events, community gatherings, and helping neighbors. The Witte’s conduct their business to embody the same pride and service in the community they love.

“The sense of everything we do is for the betterment of where we live and the community we live in.” Dan Witte 

Providing an important healthcare service that can be accessed from the comforts of their community allows neighbors and friends to seek life-impacting care that they would otherwise have to drive far to get. Having local and convenient PT care is a must for a growing and dynamic community like Louisville. Witte Physical Therapy strives every day to provide that extraordinary service and unique, customized patient experience. The goal is for their patients to heal, strengthen, and be pain-free, so they may resume a healthy and happy quality of life.

In between keeping up with their oldest son Jaden (21), who works as an electrician in Omaha, Keegan (13) their youngest son who is entering 8th grade, and daughter, Charlie (10) will be a 5th grader, and their fourth baby, Lola, a 4-year-old silver Lab; the Witte’s enjoy being an integral part of the Louisville community. Dan serves on the Louisville Basketball Association board, their church council, the Louisville school board, and the Dynamite Pete Days festival committee. There is room for play as well, as they enjoy boating in summer, golfing, watching the kids’ activities, and spending time with friends. Co-ed softball has been added to the list and now Dan is even running the league.

Dan’s love for Louisville is evident, and when asked why, he quickly answered “I love the community aspect of the smaller town”. It is something that the Witte’s didn’t even realize that they had missed so much until moving back to Louisville. Even if they didn’t have a business in town, the Witte’s couldn’t see themselves leaving again. “It’s a perfect fit for our family,” he said. Operating a local business is important to Dan, and they work to support the community however they can, whether that is keeping money in Louisville or partnering whenever possible with other Louisville businesses.

Witte Physical Therapy epitomizes the strength of the Louisville community.

Local Partnerships

The label “Locally-Owned” means a great deal to the Witte Family. They are mindful of spending money locally and collaborating with fellow locally-owned businesses and strive to partner with businesses such as The Market, for supplies. Dan helps serve several Louisville athletes, working to help them heal from injury and maintain strength and flexibility. He has worked with The Market to procure bananas, granola bars, and other healthy snack options for hearty snack bags for the athletes’ bus trips. Dan also works with The Market as part of his work with the Louisville Basketball Association Board and Dynamite Pete Days, where hosting several games requires concessions, and The Market helps with that as well.

Andrea loves to support the local boutiques, such as TGB, which is located right next to the market so it’s very convenient. Maybe a little too convenient, Dan joked. All the Home Things is another favorite and Simply Styled is worth the drive in Cedar Creek.

When asked if he had any advice for a fellow small business owner, Dan says “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Reach out to local owners and ask what you need. Use them as a resource guide.” A true testament to the support you receive and provide as part of a community like Louisville. “Put time and research in. Reach out to other owners to ask for a meeting and hear their stories. Louisville is really good with that” he added.

Dan is also part of the BUILD Group – Businesses United in Louisville Development. It is a committee of local business leaders who meet once a month, and while Dan is now part of that group, he also met with several members of the BUILD Group when he was starting his business. For someone looking to open a business, there are lots of resources locally that are there to help, answer questions, and provide guidance.

“If you invest in the community, they’ll invest in you,” Dan said.

To see the wide variety of services provided by Witte Physical Therapy, visit their website at or call 402-234-3333

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